Jumble Feature On Kahoot

6 Creative Ways To Use The New Jumble Feature On Kahoot

There are many of the people who have already started to play Kahoot. This is wildly one of the popular assessment games which use any particular device plus a projector in your classroom.

There are specifically a few possibilities of question types with Jumble. Nowadays, the students are mainly required to add some more effort into figuring out the answer as opposed to tapping just the correct MCQ or multiple choice answers.

This platform is absolutely loved by many of the people as a second language educator. It specifically puts words in such an order that becomes such activity which we do on a regular basis as a class. In competing with their classmates, the students can put their grammatical skills to the test.

Many of the students also love playing Kahoot but sometimes, it needs to remain exciting. Moreover, newness is created to it by having the new Jumble feature.

Definitely, the students are required to apply a little more thought into it. Within just a couple of seconds, the students who were typically shy quickly called out the correct order.

They are also sometimes encouraged to whisper the answer to their group and not give away those answers.

The teachers can again see the exact percentage of the correct answers after each question. Whenever the students get 100%, they are applauded by the entire class. Again, having 100% correct answer is equally satisfying for both the students and also the teachers.

How To Create A Jumble For Kahoot?

First of all, you need to log in or sign up for a free Kahoot account at kahoot.com. After that, you should follow all the given instructions for the purpose of creating a new Jumble game.

You will probably want to do longer than four-word sentences in case you are creating jumbled sentences.

Also, you can easily do this by the combination of words into the individual cells.

So, you are mainly required to put in the question for each question. You can also put the same sentence for each and finally put the words in order. Just, put your answers or sentences in the correct and all the rest things will be done by Kahoot.

You also need to take out the punctuation i.e. periods and capital letters for the purpose of making it a bit trickier in case of the jumbled sentences.

Creation of the jumbles does not take that much time. Apart from that, you can also add related images to each question in case you have the time.

Also, you should possibly set the maximum amount of time for each and every question.

The most important thing for you is to make easier questions shorter like 10 t0 30 seconds and also the harder questions up to two minutes.

Source : kahoot.it

You certainly need any WiFi-enabled device that is pointed at kahoot.it to play Kahoot with your students. Apart from that, your game code will be made available as you press the “Play” button.

So, it is easily inputted on the various devices. You will sometimes also need one device which is projected for the class for the purpose of viewing the questions.

Here Are Given 6 Other Ideas For Jumble

Source : kahoot.com

1. The social studies or history teachers can use it for years or dates. So, the students have to put the events in chronological order.

2. Math teachers can generally have the students form proper equations.

3. Geography teachers can also have the students order cities from west to east.

Source : kahoot.com

4. The students can also preferably arrange the orders of annual events like school events, holidays, etc.

5. Along with that, the students can also put words of the famous quotes in the correct order.

6. The primary teachers can also have the students to put vocabulary in correct orders i.e. the letters of the alphabet/months of the year/numbers/seasons.

Final Words

These are basically some of the creative ideas in which the new Jumble feature on Kahoot can be used. Another great thing about Kahoot or Jumble is that the teachers can preferably go over answers each and every time.

In this regard, they also see a low percentage of the correct responses.

So, mainly the teachers can take their time for the purpose of explaining the most difficult question. They can also use this time as a great teaching opportunity.

In case you have spare time, there is a bonus tip for you. You can very easily create these Wheel of Fortune images with this website for free generally for added effect.

All that you need to do is to input your sentence in and thereby, the correct number of letters will be created: atom.smasher.org.

It would be great if there was a way to rejoin the game without losing any too many points in it. So, Quizlet Live has this feature. Therefore, you can give Jumble a try as it only takes a few minutes for the complete setup.

The students will love to use this. It is considered to be a great way for student assessment.

Your students would not realize that they are learning a lot with the help of this while having so much fun at the same time. Therefore, you can easily create your own Jumble Kahoot which offers a new gameplay experience and thereby promoting accuracy over speed.

There are always endless possibilities with Jumble whether it is putting off the historic events in order, sorting algebraic equation and also rearranging sentences in different languages.

So, the teachers can again see the exact percentage of the correct answers after each question. Having 100% correct answer is equally satisfying for both the students and the teachers.

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