How To Become An IMVU Creator

How To Become An IMVU Creator?

IMVU stands out as an innovative social networking site that merges instant messaging with the immersive 3D virtual world experience.

Launched by Eric Ries and Will Harvey in 2004, the service quickly found popularity by providing users an innovative way to socialize through customizable 3D avatars; IMVU now features over 6 million virtual items in its catalog making it one of the largest virtual marketplaces online today and making this platform both attractive to individuals searching for novel social experiences as well as providing digital designers and entrepreneurs with creative outlets for expressing themselves freely online.

Concept and Functionality : IMVU operates with an engaging yet straightforward concept: users create 3D avatars of themselves for use in virtual worlds and customize these characters by accessorizing with clothing, accessories, and virtual goods that they purchase using IMVU credits.

Users also enjoy various forms of interaction on this platform such as chatting with others online in public rooms or participating in virtual events; IMVU provides this richer three-dimensional environment than text-only chat services and provides more immersive user experiences compared with regular instant messenger programs such as TextChat or Yahoo Messenger services alone!

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Creating and Personalizing Avatars : One of IMVU’s  standout features is its user-created avatar creation feature. Starting by choosing an initial base model, users are then free to make modifications ranging from hairstyles and facial features, body type options and body parts – ultimately giving each avatar its own personal flair based on each user’s style and preferences.

How To Become An IMVU Creator?

You can easily enter the elite world of creating by becoming an IMVU creator.

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Important Steps To Become An IMVU Creator

The IMVU Creator program is considered to be the cornerstone of the IMVU community. These creators are generally well known as the Developers and so, they are involved in producing thousands of amazing 2D and 3D products each and every day.

Also, you need to publish those in the IMVU Catalog. Nearly, around 100% of the millions of the products in the IMVU Catalog were created by the other talented IMVU customers. There is a specific process known as deriving in which mainly most of the creator bases their product designs off of a product that is already there in the Catalog.

Again, some of them are involved in the creation of their own 3D assets from scratch by the effective use of 3D Studio Max or other similar programs.

In the IMVU 3D Chat Client, each and every product is submitted via Create Mode.

Creators Can Earn Real Money

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The creators can easily earn real money through their efforts. You must also agree to the Terms of Service of IMVU as a part of the Creators registration process. This is required so that you do not violate the trademark or copyright laws. Along with that, you should also agree to the Privacy Policy and Virtual Goods Policy of IMVU.

Steps To Follow For Becoming A Creator

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Step 1: First, go to, and then log in to your account.

Step 2: Click Account.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Creator Tools section and after that, click on the Sign-up link.

Step 4: Click the Get Started Now button


What is the ‘deriving’ process in IMVU?

Deriving is a process where creators design new products based on existing items in the IMVU catalog. This allows for a collaborative and evolving product base.

How do users contribute to the IMVU community?

IMVU users are highly engaged with creating and selling products, participating in user groups, setting up private and public rooms, managing individual homepages and contributing to community forums.

What types of activities can I do on IMVU?

 On IMVU, you can create and customize 3D avatars, chat with friends, join user groups, participate in community forums, set up and decorate virtual rooms, and engage in various social activities.

How many active users does IMVU have?

As of 2024, IMVU has over 6 million active users.

What kind of products can users create on IMVU?

Users can create a wide variety of virtual products, including 2D and 3D items, which are then sold in the IMVU catalog. These products can be anything from clothing and accessories to furniture and entire room designs.


IMVU provides an interactive social network and metaverse experience with an emphasis on user-generated content and virtual goods, with millions of active users and the world’s largest catalog of virtual items.

As the largest platform dedicated to user creativity, millions of IMVU Creators come together every month in collaborative environments where ideas evolve over time – becoming part of IMVU can offer both social interaction as well as financial reward if that’s your goal!

No matter your motivation – socializing, expressing creativity or making money are all possible with IMVU providing vibrant support from its global and supportive community of IMVU Creators!

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